“The Awakening”

How VFH Helped Me

Company Overview

Arkitchen is located in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Our premiere shared commercial kitchen facility is dedicated to food entrepreneurs. Our 5,000 square foot multi-functional kitchen is a 24/7 facility driven by a growing food industry and the motivated chefs behind it.

My Business Challenges

  • No Web Presence 
  • Poor Business Strategy
  • Scheduling Issues
  • Member Management

“As a chef, I knew there was a need for a shared commercial kitchen because I wanted to open a catering business but couldn’t find a place to cook. We started out as part of a franchise after they boasted technology, marketing, operational handbook, etc. but unfortunately, they did not deliver. We saw other owners leave the franchise, so we also moved forward alone with no idea of how to run the day-to-day of the business. I wasn’t able to work on marketing, sales, sponsorships, partnerships, anything – I became a bill collector. We were on our own and in the dark.”


Owner, Arkitchen LLC

The VFH Solution

Web presence

Problem: Arkitchen purchased a website from a local agency that failed to finish the project. Announcing the new company with a poor image online impacted business and left Jon to scramble for digital marketing and web play.

VFH conducted a free analysis of the website and was able to provide recommendations to strengthen the company’s image. Building trust and obtaining a better understanding of the importance of digital marketing and website, VFH and Arkitchen worked together to build a new image online to help market to the local community within budget.


Problem: As a chef and pioneer in the local community for shared commercial kitchen use, Jon was faced with unique challenges that complicated a scalable profit program and membership.

Solution: VFH helped Arkitchen break down the business and provided action items for a revised growth plan. After reviewing pricing, programming, and marketing initiatives, VFH was able to streamline and maximize Arkitchen’s foundational business plan to better serve its members, not to mention the owners time.


Kitchen MANAGEMENt technology

Problem: As a novice single owner and operator, Jon’s priority was to constantly strengthen his membership base and relationships, and to keep them happy. Time with members became limited as Jon became chained to his desk in operational issues.

Solution: VFH automated the business end-to-end by providing a technology solution for member on boarding, scheduling conflicts, billing, and compliance. Since Jon has been using the VFH technology, it has given him the opportunity to spend more time with Arkitchen members and providing the support they seek in growing their individual businesses.


Entire Business

Time Savings:

More time | Less tasks


Very Happy



“VFH awakened and pushed me to explore the full spectrum of opportunities for this business. I’ve grown from a chef to a business owner.”


Owner - Arkitchen LLC.

*Case Study conducted by a Third Party Research Firm