Frequenty Asked Questions 

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What is Virtual Food Hub?

The Virtual Food Hub is a technology platform to automate the management of your Kitchen end to end.  The VFH has over 12 APPs (i.e. scheduler APP) throughout the entire Platform that you can pick and choose from to run your business more efficiently. 

For Example, Scheduler is an independent APP that allows a Kitchen to manage scheduling and Billing for their Kitchen.   

The Membership APP empowers your Kitchen to automate monthly billing, access control, and price control.

Learn about the App and solution needed specific to your company by contacting us.

Can I use any Payment Processing Option?

YES – The VFH platform currently is integrated into that will allow you to use most of the global processors you feel is best for your Company.

Don’t have a processor, don’t worry, VFH team of experts can help introduce you to the TOP Globally processors and in many cases will be able to lower your cost of FEE’s

This means you are not subject to only ONE PROCESSOR SUCH AS STRIPE.

Can I schedule my tours?

YES – The VFH platform allows you several ways to schedule tours of your Kitchen.  In addition, we allow you to create custom forms with qualification questions to better understand those seeking to use your kitchen!

Can I streamline scheduling of my Kitchen?

YES – With the VFH platform, you can schedule a single Kitchen and then schedule the amenities within.  Or, you can schedule multi-Kitchens, rooms and or Workspaces.  We allow you to custom configure of your scheduler.

Can I schedule specific amenities or equipment?

YES – The scheduling APP within the Platform, allows a business owner to configure a schedule within a schedule.  This means that if you would like extra optimization of your Kitchen and you wish to have your clients schedule the Stove this is possible.

Can I charge Peak / Off Peak Hours?

YES – The Member App allows you as an owner to create unlimited paid/free memberships.  Based on the membership, you can charge specific prices per hour, per month, per year… for any scheduled time or overages.

Does the technology allow Flexible Billing Plans?

YES – With the combination of the Membership APP and Scheduler APP you have the ultimate control to truly manage your Local Community and Kitchen Clients.  Endless capabilities!

Can I automate my billing?

YES – Thru VFH platform, you can not only automate your monthly Billing effortlessly,  you can also charge instantly for any schedule overages!

Can my clients view their schedules / billing?

YES –  Your clients and members will have their own unique login into your branded platform.  This login to My Account works just like Amazon and they can see everything they do within your Kitchen.

Can I Brand the Technology?

YES – The entire platform can be Branded as you wish with your Logo’s and Images.  In addition, the technology can be integrated into your existing website.

Can I use the system for Storage, Kitchen Scheduling and Leasing offices etc?

YES – VFH offers an open platform that you can create unlimited # of items you wish to transact or manage online.

Can I track actual time used in the Kitchen/

YES – We offer a few options here as there are different needs for different Kitchens.  Ask us how to manage onsite schedule use. Our on boarding team can help your business be configured properly to optimize the use of the VFH technology.

Can I manage document storage with my clients?

YES – VFH has partnered with  third-party document storage technologies  (i.e. Google) by allowing your Kitchen and clients to access and shared documents privately and securely.

Can I manage my Prospects, Leads and Customers?

YES – With our CRM APP & CUSTOMER APP you can manage ALL contacts for your entire business including partnerships.  The CRM is extremely powerful as a centralized management solution for your company!

Can I configure or have my technology custom configured to meet my business needs?

YES – The VFH team has individuals that have over 20 years in business experience.  This team will understand your business goals and identify the best way to configure the VFH technology to support the business end to end.

What is VFH Community?

VFH offers a Community to the entire commercial and shared Kitchen Industry.  The Community is a portal YELP like technology that Kitchen owners can post relevant content of their business along with photos.  This will drive visibility in Google searches and drive phone calls and leads to the business for FREE.