Pro Kitchen Hub Tampa

“The Game Changer” 

How VFH Helped Me

Company Overview

Pro Kitchen Hub Tampa (PKH) is the premiere center for culinary start-ups and shared commercial kitchen in the Tampa Bay area. PKH is more than just a kitchen to rent, providing assistance with the licensing process, a shared workspace and resource center, continuous marketing and networking, tasting room, classroom, and retail pop-up space.

My Business Challenges

  • Invoicing & Collections
  • Manual Scheduling
  • No Website
  • Client  Management
  • Scheduling Efficiency
  • Member Compliance 

“I first signed up with a franchise that had a great concept. Coming from my background of 23 years in the industry, I knew there was a huge need! I bought into the franchise with a bit of hesitation based on the system they had in place. After failed promises of an updated version, many kitchens closed, went bankrupt or left the franchise. I decided to leave the franchise and search for the “right” way to make the system work for the needs of food entrepreneurs.”



The VFH Solution


Problem:  My priorities before VFH were to sign up new clients, stay on top of overage hours used and get paid! I spent a lot of time printing out spreadsheets, depositing check in the bank, collecting NSF fees, redepositing checks in the bank, keeping up with who didn’t book or clean correctly and talking with them then charging them accordingly.

Solution: I do all my tours and meetings with clients by appointment only. I set certain days and stick to them. The rest of the time I can work remotely and more than 75% from my phone if needed. I set aside an hour or so on the last day and the first day of the month to review, make any changes and prepare for the billing. After my billing on the 1st. I know who had paid, any issues with declined payments and they are addressed immediately.

cash flow

Problem:  Scheduling was a nightmare and I was constantly chasing money for overage hours creating a cash flow nightmare. I knew there were many other avenues for profit than just renting the kitchen time, I just needed the right system and team to help me get there and efficiently.

Solution:  After my billing on the 1st, I know who had paid, any issues with declined payments and they are addressed immediately. The best part is, after the membership fee is charged on the first of the month the cash flow continues throughout the month with any hours that are booked beyond the membership amount. I am easily able to do projections not just for the month but for the full year, all of my membership run through December 31st. I base all of my overhead expenses on that figure and anything over the membership hours, new applications and new memberships are all profit.

LACK OF BRAND & WEb presence

Problem:  Having no website other than a Social Media page impacted the business as I couldn’t be found on Google.  It became apparent when the local members searched the business, number and address and went to a competing site.  

Solution:  VFH built a website the help provide presence online, show up on Google Searches and help provide Branding guidance which achieved building stronger positioning in the community. 


Problem: As a single owner and operator, I always thought I needed to hire someone to take care of all the administrative parts of my business so I could sell.

Solution: VFH takes care of that part for you. The VFH Technology System makes it efficient, streamlined, and always being improved as needs arise. It allows you to be on the top of your game.


From any Device







* Case Study conducted by a third party research firm