automate your kitchen

Use one or many Technology APPs to help manage  and automate your Kitchen business

Our solution to your Challenges

Virtual food hub Platform

We provide solutions to solve your business challenges leading to long term relationships, scalability and flexibility to automate your entire business!

Technology made to meet your needs today, yet scalable for vision tomorrow!

Kitchens and their community can access this technology on Any Device, Any  Anywhere, Any Time.  The power is in your fingertips.

Our personal approach to providing your company with the effective use of VFH technology is the following steps:

1. VFH team would like to understand  your business goals

2. Our onboarding team will then configure the Technology specifically to meet your business needs

3. Once onboarding is complete, we will conduct 1:1 training specific for your team

4. At the time of going “Live”, we will provide best practice and guidance to rolling the technology out to your clients

Solutions to meet your needs



Fast easy capability to run audits on your members to identify Kitchen use.  Audit equipment to determine efficiency or even Audit the schedules to maximize kitchen use.

Admin Calendar

Have your team be in control.  Configure a Calendar as you wish and optimize Kitchen down to the individual schedule.

My Account

Those that use the scheduling system can create a My Account.  This feature allows customers to view their schedules without having to call the Kitchen.

Our Scheduling APP is a key component to helping you efficiency operate your Kitchen. The ability to properly manage Time Management along with coordinate logistics amongst your various audiences is the challenge.

Next Generation Scheduling by VFH is built not to just schedule Kitchen Use, but is built with the flexibility to manage the Kitchen as you wish.   This includes two tiers scheduling allowing lots of flexibility for your Kitchen and amenities to be scheduled.   This will increase effectiveness, visibility, efficiency and productivity!

Time management is extremely important.  If the scheduling is not managed properly, valuable time is lost forever impacting the business revenue and operations.

Key Features:

  • Two Tier Scheduling
  • Billing and Payment Management
  • Policies, Terms and Conditions Appliance
  • Order Management 
  • Audit Functionality
  • Inventory Management
  • Form Builder
  • Multiple Calendars


The membership App is used to automate your Members and Clients regardless of the complexity or size of your organization. Manage members of your Kitchen by creating various memberships to support the different needs of your clients. For example you will be able to control individual member based pricing and choose or limit their access to various items such as schedules, courses and products. 

VFH empowers your members to control their accounts with self-service just like Amazon.

Key Features:

  • Create Unlimited Memberships
  • Automate Client Collections
  • Control Access to Scheduling, Courses, Products, Amenities
  • Complete pricing control 
  • Reoccurring Billing  and Payment Management
  • Self Service for your clients
  • Automated Email Communication

Members Dashboard

Manage your members in one view

Create Public and Private Memberships

Be creative and design memberships for Food Trucks, Bakers, Caterers…Lease Agreements, Restaurants or simple create memberships to use your Kitchen

Member Mgt

Manage your clients (members) autobilling, transactions, contracts, access to schedule and more.

Product & Order Management

Custom Email Responses

Resend Order Emails with Custom Messages

Review Order Details

Review details of schedules within a given order

Having the ability to manage product (items) and orders in one system along with members and schedules gives a Kitchen lots of flexibility to run the business.  Products or sometimes referred to as items can be anything you want that can be sold per unit.  Having the ability to manage customer orders makes it very easy to have the complete visibility for your business.

 Product Key Features:

  • Centralized management supports eCommerce Apps
  • Manage unlimited products and categories
  • Set custom billing cycle
  • Set custom order / price increment
  • Control member based pricing and overages
  • Assign to multiple Apps (quotes, schedules, Store)
  • Add photo and videos per product

 Order Key Features:

  • Manage customer order in detail
  • Void, Refund or Charge to an order
  • Discount / Add Coupon
  • Add Notes
  • Change Status

Customer Relationship MANAGEr

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) APP along with a Customer Manager APP,  provides your team a 360-degree customer view, from your initial call, qualification, tour and customer details.  Your team can also manage leads and opportunities along with support requests and reminders.   You have to see it to believe it.  Directly integrate into all platform Apps creating a perfect solution for your company.


Key Features:

  • Manage Companies and Individuals
  • See contact records journey (schedules, memberships, notes..)
  • Assign contacts to specific Staff members
  • Set reminders 
  • Show Activities
  • Import all your data records from another technology

Heart of your Business

The key to building a successful business starts with great contact record management of your prospects, leads, customers, and partners…

Set Activities

Have visitors send a request thru various forms throughout your website.  Send support notes, qualification or anything you can think of and all this information is tracked in one place.

Centralize Management

Manage Companies and indiviudals within companies.  Manages Events, Orders, Schedules and Membership for your customers or enable your sales team to manage future prospect clients.


Form Builder

Simple Form Builder allows you to create different forms to gather data into the CRM

Coupon Codes

Have the ability to generate various codes that can discount items, schedules or events placed in the cart.

The Marketing APP has two functions to support your promotions and marketing activities including the Form Builder and Coupon Codes

Form Key Features:

  • Create unlimited forms to gather information (i.e. Tour Qualification)
  • Place Code on your website or generate a link
  • Use forms to drive qualification from Marketing Campaigns 
  • Build contact records over time

Coupon Code Key Features:

  • Generate coupons to help market
  • Use in Events, Schedules or Membership
  • Provide 
  • Use for Marketing Campaigns to drive business 
  • Take percentage off or specific dollar figure

Payment Processing

Online customers have height expectations these days and expect to transact with their preferred payment methods, in a secure, credible environment.

Navigating through the payments ecosystem requires the right mix of partners.   

At VFH, we have an objective and neutral approach to payments.  This comes from 18+ years of experience of running global online businesses which can guide you to making the best decisions for your business.

A Payment Gateway allows the Kitchen VFH technology to accept credit cards and checks.  The gateway technology that links a technology directly to a Merchant Processor.  Once a transaction has settled, deposit of  funds automatically will be directed into your bank account.  This process is how ALL global eCommerce and Online companies operate and allows the Kitchen owner control over transactions, fees and their money without any influence from the technology company directly.  Beware of companies that transact on your behalf as they can hurt your business over time.

Seem confusing?  VFH will help you setup the gateway, processor and tie it directly into the technology leveraging our global partners and trusted teams. 

Looking for more solutions?  Why stop here as we have Apps that support:  Education, Events, Reservations, Travel, Quoting, Business Intelligence….simply talk to our team about your needs and we will help.

Check out our partners!

    Online Transactions

    This process is what all leading companies use Globally!

    Payment Gateway

    A Payment Gateway account allows you to accept credit cards and electronic checks from our technology and deposit funds automatically into your bank account.


    Accepts all types of Credit/Debit cards and even checks.

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