About Us

We are a team of innovators who understand technology,  all aspects of business and find avenues to automate businesses using web based technology focused on efficient operational management, online conversions, transactions and growth.

We Believe in 

Helping Kitchens + Business Incubators reach the next level

Quality, Expertise, Mouth- Watering technology

Our Mission

VFH enables businesses with the right tools, teams, and solutions to effectively automate shared-use Kitchens from the beginning to the end.  With innovation at our core, we empower business owners to focus on the fun stuff while operationalizing the boring stuff. We take the stress out of managing your Kitchen business. VFH is the only technology company that provides Shared-Use Kitchens a Solution that can scale all in one platform.  We will become the go-to community for research and knowledge in successfully managing a Shared-Use Kitchen and Business Incubators Globally.

 Our Team

VFH is comprised of senior-level business leaders with various backgrounds from successful entrepreneurs to corporate executives.  We understand all aspects from Business Processes, Strategy, Payments, Fulfillment, Brand / Design / UI, Marketing, Sales, Automation, Fulfillment  Intelligence and of course Technology.

We also have a Kitchen Advisory board that helps look at industry challenges and best practices to help drive our technical road map to ensure a forward-thinking direction.

Our Partners

VFH seeks to find the right partner mix to help support our clients and to lower costs and scale businesses.  Our Trusted Advisors are the best in the industry and with partnering with VFH, we can offer your business a great solution for many years to come.

Our Process

We understand business and we have deep understanding of the challenges that Kitchens face. Our process is simple. If you need technology that is extremely scalable & access to seasoned professionals who have the knowledge to help you grow, we got you covered.